Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ethics Annexed

Puzzle Pictures, Images and Photos
Ethics and morals are tricky ciphers
ciphers used to set down limits
limits that bind society together.

Lines drawn in thin air by laws
laws seem made only to be broken
broken by people living perilously.

No one questions the source of money
money buys respect and status in life
life of immunity smiles on them

Loopholes are unearthed to be exploited
exploited by people living close to the line
line that cracks open in money?s shadow.

Nations have camouflaged lines of ethics
ethics that conveniently amend and revise
revised perceptions of murder and abuse.

Rich people and nations both progress
progress made by the loot of graves
graves of the weak crushed in the march.

Wars cross limits as bombs are dropped
Dropped on ethics foreign but cherished
Cherished lives forgotten as power corrupts.

All around are ethics misused and modified
modified to help the rich get richer rapidly
rapidly are ethics swept under the carpet.

What then are ethics that we hold so close
close to our heart in the name of God
God?s name when uttered by an exploiter too?

Does that mean that ethics are for fools
Fools who live in a fantasy of goodness
Goodness that buys poverty and weakness?


Deepa Gopal said...

Thats wonderful...
The pattern stirkes and the mesg is forceful.

Good day!

Neil said...

Moves like fire....