Thursday, December 17, 2009

Brightest Star

bright star

If you ask me what I want most in life
Freedom, I'd say, to fly the skies
Free as a lark with unclipped wings
Like a lone bird that new pasture searches.

If you ask me what I treasure most in life
My mind, I'd say, that sets me free
on the highway to the world, then to see
the open sky, now to be the sea?s invitee.

If you ask me what I cherish most in life
Friend, I'd say, to wipe those tears.
A sounding board to bounce my worries.
With a simple word puts back the smiles.

If you ask me what I love most in life
My son, I'd say, my brightest star,
An unwanted birth to say the fact,
A birth, which tested my love to it?s fullest.

Never thought when I named him 'Ashwin'
there was a 'winner' in so small a being,
That little life, he came back fighting,
in a contest with death, awe-inspiring

Took to cricket at the age of seven.
With bat and ball, the ground his heaven.
He loves challenges and oppositions.
Full of initiative and nervous energy.

Fond of speed and loves things done quickly.
As if on hot bricks he fidgets impatiently
his energy and spirit never ceases to amaze
as he waits for others to keep up pace.

So darling 'Potti', as we lovingly call him
Sail forth to unknown calm or choppy water,
There waits a world for you to conquer,
So here's to a win, dear Ashwin the winner.

(May, 2006, Nellore)
@Nalini Hebbar/openmind - all rights reserved.


Deepa Gopal said...

Thanks for giving me the name of the flower-spider lily. Thanks for ur comment.

I haven't been able to go thru the poem...I am off to India tomo' morn'. Will get bac to bloggyland in Jan.

Gyanban said...

nicely put, and in a good flow.I enjoyed reading your post.

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

Nalini,Lakshmi here.thanks for coming to my blog and thanks many for the lovley comments.
I enjoyed reading your posts.

Nalini Hebbar said...

Thanks for the keep visiting