Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cards of Life


A deck of cards-

The cards of life

A few open

Some closed

A few candid sunny

Some mysterious dark.

A change in life

With the luck of draw,

A new friend,

A useful skill,

A fresh outlook,

A missed chance,

A dormant talent,

A misused gift,

A useless card that

Drops away with time,

Que Sera Sera,

What will be, will be!

Among discarded cards-

The unsung card

Horribly trampled

Underneath feet.

Miles in time to go

Before you know,

A fitting choice

Or the draw of death?

C'est la vie!

What can you do?

A new card awaited,

In childlike pizzazz,

Cards are drawn

And cards are dropped

Goes forth life

A happy bumpy ride

Bright open windows

Of the house of cards,

Hold back or dive in,

The gamble is fate.

Oh Kismat! Oh Moira!

October 25, 2009

© Nalini Hebbar/openmind - all rights reserved.


Mohan said...

Nice... you have a nice site with good poetry.. look forward to be more frequent here :)

Gyanban said...

The juxtaposition was good, very well written.

BK Chowla, said...

This is my first visit to your site.
Very interesting. Will come back soon.

Nalini Hebbar said...

Thanks a ton...hope you will be a frequent visitor and enjoy poetry with me