Friday, May 29, 2015

Masks We Need To Break Down

Like a wrap of cellophane around the soul
Like a fog that hides the doom ahead
Comfort is what each mask bestows.
Within your skin where you live forever
A stench you know as your very own
Becomes the smell the world smells of. 

With damp stagnant suppressed thoughts
Pictures painted of pleasant grandeur
You see what the mask of today sees.

Tear away the masks you wear
And naked before you stands
You, a person you refused to like.

Learn to love that tortured being
That whimpers omnipresent as ever
In every frame you call your life.

Nurture it for it's all you have got
The life within only you can feel
It's saviour, none other than you.

Fragile and fleeting it looks for touch
Your touch and only yours it craves
You are it's master, sole caretaker .

Unwrap, unwhirl, peel away the layers
That pink newborn helpless creature
Hold it's finger, look again at the world.

May 2015
© Nalini Hebbar/openmind/2009 - all rights reserved.