Saturday, December 11, 2010

Learning to hunt - Haiku169

I found this photo and felt it conveyed a lot more than what it's my take.
Feel free to pen a photo inspired haiku as a comment...:)

high headed sniff
studied eyes steady-
wildebeest at the river

as grasshoppers dance
in the tall alert grass-
cubs smell the fear

© Nalini Hebbar/openmind/2009-all rights reserved

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dr.antony said...

You are sun a seasoned and experienced blogger and writer.And you write so well.
But then,cant we differ in opinions?People can always see things from different perspectives.It is not a rule that one should see everything with the same eyes.The writer also has the responsibility to relate to the reader.I hope you understand.

Nalini Hebbar said...

Hi Doc
Thank you for the compliment but what was it after that?
Is it that I don’t comment/reply to my readers? Well, I do if there is something to discuss. Difference/agreement of opinion is what triggers a reply….or maybe a question would elicit a reply. But the routine comments of ‘very nice’ ‘ wonderful write’ etc does not warrant a comment. Anyway do we all to get back to every blog we comment on to look for a reply? I don’t.
Actually I have very little time on my hands…mornings are reserved for cooking….I have my own lab where I work till 2pm…2.30 to 5 pm I teach English and Social to 9- 10th CBSE…then my evening walk…and then it’s time to get the dinner ready.
In between all this I read blogs and comment…and also maintain my blogs…this little computer time too has aggravated my spondylitis and has made me less active on the net…
Sorry to have given my reader a wrong impression…I do try my best to stay in touch, at least thru indiblogger…I read and comment on blogs of my readers who comment as a gesture of reciprocation…but it would be too much for me to reply to each and every comment on my blog…
Thank you for finding the time to write a well-meaning comment…no offence taken…

JoshiMukard said...

Hi Nalini

Honestly, I'm not an admirer of Haiku. May be because I dont know how to understand it. So I dont want to comment on the Haiku.

But your link to How to compose Haiku is useful. I'm going through this. Thanks for your efforts on this.

The Fallen Poet said...

very well written...well, actually i could never write Haiku...i tried a lot...looks like i don't understand the rules sometimes...but i can definitely learn from your blog...
and thanks for the comment on my blog too...

Anu Lal said...

nice work..:)