Saturday, May 22, 2010

Finders, Keepers - Short Story 2

Some parts of this story is real...the episode of the 100 rupee note is...and so is the fact that my husband and I found each other during our first at at post grad, not in so dramatic a way as is in this story.

I think I am going writing a collection of 6 to 10 stories under the title "Destiny Decides" guys wish me luck.

Please be frank about the language and the style, so that I can improve. Feel free to criticize or shred to bits if you find anything seriously wrong with it and with my 1st story Hope Diamond.

Finders, Keepers


karan a said...

I wish you all the best for the journey in writing stories!

I liked the story. But the Diamond one was more gripping. Comparison is not fair, but just cant stop doing that, the way we compare two films directed by same person.

You took me to Kerala, Goa, Mumbai though the story... that is the beauty!

Rajani said...

hi, just read hope diamond. very well stringed together, loved your character intros. though the ending, for me, was not as captivating as the rest of the story. As in it felt abrupt. but great :)

Rachana said...

Hi Nalini, I liked the story very much. YOU got an award waiting for you in my blog .

ANULAL said...

All the best.

rajendra said...

i will surely visit again