Thursday, April 15, 2010


The Indian woman is taught to be submissive and also that her husband is her owner who can resort to violence when it pleases him. Physical and mental torture are a part and parcel of her life. The hope and the longing to live for her children is what keeps her going. Life around me and the women whose stories have touched my heart, is the basis of this poem.

She is ensnared in a web of restrain
More the mêlée more the constrain.
It is a design that destines to detain
Grit and mush looking alike at times.
Stifling her soul with wires of barbs

She slips often into tormented thought
The token taunts, the snide remarks
The unbroken blitz of foul words
The accusing tone in harsh judgment
Was she all that he said she was?

And often she is greatly astounded
Uttered words and simple actions
Pretty easily turned and twisted
Made out to seem so evil and ruthless
Does she appear as nasty a person?

Her every move intently studied
Under a microscope pinned and sliced
Her every step judged and weighed
She the reason he feels like a worm?
She the cause for all his emotions?

It is so amazing she is still sane
And able to smile even through pain
A charade made easier to sustain
Topmost on her mind children and duty
What when they have a life of their own?

She wondered if she could ever manage
On her own after a long lived marriage.
Stepping out would be a huge stride
The world beyond so new and untried
Should she rather stay on to endure?

Her belief in herself is ever present
Reinforced with every moment of slight
Unable to breach that wall of strength
Never being able to crush that spirit
Is this what challenges him to bits?

She will go on till it gets too grim
Her patient strength under no thumb
No plots of suicide or settling scores
Little joys of life her vim and vigour
Her heart fills with hope and a future.

© Nalini Hebbar/openmind/2009 - all rights reserved
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Vinita Apte said...

The angst of women can only be known by a woman...

Life is difficult and if the husband is not supportive then all is hell for a woman...

I say again Nalini....Publish a are tooo good.

Anonymous said...

i envy those who can express themselves in poetic language.
what a touching poem
The status of women all over the world whether developed or third world she is still considered a second hand citizen with no voice of her own.

Chapters From My Life said...

I have not been physically abused ever in my life after some initial punishments for misbehavior by my parents (precisely my dad) which was not much. I cannot understand the routine where a woman gets physically abused by her husband and then again they go through the man wife relationship as though nothing has happened.. how do they get intimate with the person who has abused them, embarrassed and hurt them? Sadly my sister goes through this and only thing I can tell her is she has to take the step.. no one else can protect her until she decides she needs it. I am turning into a great fan of yours Nalini.. I love the way you express even about topics that do not directly touch you...

deepa kashyap said...

loved d poem :)
nice one..

Unknown said...

Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary - Gandhi

JP said...

Good one...but I feel the days are changed now :)

Garima said...

Every second there is a woman suffering somewhere on the corner-less globe...nothing can be done, it is her innate attribute.
Salute to the most beautiful creation..,hail femininity!
Beautiful piece.

Journomuse said...

I know how that feels exactly...and I never want to be there again...My parents don't really get my suffocation, they believe I must get married and settled down...but I equate it with a clipping of my free wings...ahhh...u just wrote what i carry inside...:)

Neeraj Shinde said...
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Neeraj Shinde said...

A Very Sad plot... beautifully expressed! A great deal of understanding between a man and a woman can cure such conditions...
That is the only answer I could think of to a situation like this!

Nalini Hebbar said...

thanks for all the comments...I welcome the new readers! nothing has more women climb ladders, there are many who try to pull her down.
@Neeraj...I feel the gen-next is wonderful...surely the equation will be more balanced soon your age all girls think that way!...but if you don't share your life with a man and the kids, life can be lonely...but ofcoz drop and run if there is domestic violence!
@ Farila and Anju...I love it that you love my poems!
@L pine...I hate self publication...I will wait till someone finds me.

Rajendra Raikwar said...

very nice