Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Her Fight Is On

Women and their status has always been a topic of my interest. Stories are numerous about women and the roles played by them in society. Are these stories misread for a purpose? What was really the aim behind the suppression of women? Were women created to be inferior? Is that why they have become 'reservation' today? Women have come a long way but political representation will not improve their social status. That needs a change in mindset.

IndiAn WOMEN    in PAintings Part 2

Man invented marriage
For order and stability
Divisions based on labour
That scripted roles not status.
Rank crept into the equation
As war and greed evolved
Protection of mother and child
Turned father into a keeper.

A modern Indian woman
Her progress constantly curbed
By ancient notions countless
Of purity and of pollution.
Models flaunted in plenty
Of moral traditional roles
Raised to a pedestal
To control as they preach.

Haunted by Sati she
Imbibed blind devotion
Her man was supreme
And his word divine
Abuse and humiliation
Just part of the game
Tied by the sacred knot
Her destiny was sealed.

Savitri with great tenacity
Confronted Lord Yama
Stree sakthi celebrated? Oh, NO!
Celebrated was a bond
That demanded conformity
Imprinted in pliable minds
In his fame and his success
To remain docile and minor
in his fame and his success.

Roles change with time
And woman no longer in chains
Liberty and opportunity
Hers to rightly proclaim.
Equipped and motivated
Shoulder squared she stands
With patience and endurance
Two weapons to help her win.

Sati-Savitri’s of the ancient!
Salute this modern Indian woman!
She triumphs as a single woman
In marriage now quite equal
In widowhood no longer cursed
Her progress once curbed
By ancient notions countless
Of purity and of pollution.

© Nalini Hebbar/openmind/2009 - all rights reserved
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Vinita Apte said...

Truly said...all these rules were mainly shackles to hold a women down.

They called it 'Doing it for your safety'.
The modern women is still held in shackles, mainly by the society even if her own family has tried to free her of it.