Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An All-Weather Friend

The progress of the mind can be gauged by the phases it goes through trying to find answers to the 'why' of life. For some, life remains a blame-game. For the lucky few, who refuse to accept life as just a string of mundane activities, the mind looks inward for answers. Finding them needs patience and perseverance. Control of the thought process is, according to me, the key. Finding truth within oneself and being true to the discovered self is nirvana. Life is a joyful journey, and it you will find is a true friend.

When questions find no answers,
And no rationale breaks the ground,
Hurt beyond hurt
You pirouette to blame
The first thing you chance upon-
A person, the place,
A biased unseen force
A destiny so cursed.

Beyond the hurt, behind the twilight,
Darkness holds with tendrils tight,
And as they grow into knobby fingers,
Ask the honest question rarely posed,
“Am I the real problem?”

Do I choose to feel the feel I feel?
Can I choose to feel another feel?

That critique inside now sharply slams,
Criticizes ‘ME’! Not the people outside!
Not the times! Nor the forces!
Not even fate!

What has changed, I ask myself?
How now have these fingers changed direction?

I am the owner of my thoughts,
And so am I of my feelings,
My warts and moles there for you see,
For now trashed is my concealer cream,
Laugh if that’s the way you are,
For I have made peace with the self.

No storeys of sorry stories,
No promotions or demotions
No notions of grandeur,
No ego to flatter or coerce
No fetters of hate or expectation

This living ship sails the unknown,
The water, the sun and the wind
The only truths that sail along.

Weather, season, high tide and low,
Life and I no shadows cast,
In life I found a dearest friend
And only in death shall we part.

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smiling soul said...

i liked last 2 stanza :) nice post

Saru Singhal said...

The intricacies of emotions portrayed so beautifully...

AJ said...

very nice.... Very thoughtful


Rajendra Raikwar said...

Nice One