Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The God of Silly Things

“If we say that God has always been, why not save a step and conclude that the universe has always been?” (Carl Sagan, Cosmos, [New York:  Random House, Inc., 1980], p. 257).

Is God for real or is it a fabrication of a mind overawed by and grappling with the unexplainable magic of the universe?

The topic, for all I care, can be dropped like a hot potato into the sea of hot questions that plague us as we search for the meaning of life. What bothers me is what we are doing in God's name, a creation- of a tool, of a caring figured- designed to help people live a peaceful life cocooned in its warmth, safe as a baby, shielded from the unfathomable mystical vagaries of nature and life. If not shielded, at least unjust happenings are justified with, "Everything happens for a purpose!" "What God takes away, he provides in another way."

But what are we doing in the name of God?

Imagine the time when all these things
The newspaper, the TV and the blogs,
Not around to spread hottest information
Delivered in the instant of its creation.

We do know of gossip mongering,
For how many times do we end up saying,
“That’s not what I heard, that’s not true!”
“I never did that, how’re you so sure?” 

Why are fewer heroes made now days?
Of types that graced Earth of those days?
Like Rama, Ravana, Arjuna, Pandavas
Like Hercules, Atlas, Ulysses, the Titans?

A great man is one above most men,
Attributes not found in folks common,
Making him seem larger than human,
Possessing an aura of the unknown

Word of mouth was the order of the day,
Changed and added-on from faint hearsay
With nodding heads and wagging tongues,
A short man Tom Thumb and a big, Hercules

This is how through stories Man made God,
Far from the original when told and retold,
With miracles, heals, powers, strengths, flights,
Walks on water, time travel & transmutations.

Blown beyond proportion but lovely stories,
To learn morals, to dream as pictures,
To read, and read to others, heard and enjoyed,
Not to think they are Gods to be idolized!

Stats say we are digging deeper trenches
Between regions and between religions
Continents drift as these volcanoes erupt
For small lapses we wait, defenses upped.

In small closed spaces dissent is louder
Flashing swords to words of dishonor,
In God’s name we justifiably butcher,
Another God’s children ours slaughter.

Did we make God for human good?
Will goodness be sacrificed for God’s sake?
Will we be wiped out in a fight over God?
Or will God terminate us for fighting silly?

Outcome disquieting for this big a creation 
For selfishness plagues a selfless intention.
God just a façade for money and control.
Sillier we get, smarter God’s men stroll.

© Nalini Hebbar/openmind/2009-all rights reserved

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magiceye said...

god works in mysterious ways?! :)

Unknown said...
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Purba said...

God is the highest state of mind. It is Man who has corrupted the idea.

Nethra said...

God's existence doesn't change with someone's belief about its existence.

Ramesh Sood said...

Hi Nalini, for me its simple..

FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE, GOD IS and for those who don't.. well does it matter..?

Thanks, anyway for writing something beautiful..

dr.antony said...

Well that’s reassuring. Now we don’t have to worry about global warming or Tsunamis or genetically engineered monsters destroying the world.Either God or man will destroy it,according to you.Seems you are ready for the "rapture"

Although, we still have to worry about things from space! That could be a new angle.

zephyr said...

God is reason, goodness and compassion. If we believe in the good and noble things, we believe in God. and since all these things exist, so does He.

Anonymous said...

God was the Boogeyman of the Good ol' days, the illusory Big Brother of otherwise-lawless pagans.

God has always symbolized an icon of power and authority, and it was only a matter of time before men used/abused that authority.

The Write Girl said...

Your poetry certainly makes me pause and wonder. God is so many things to many people. Sadly, He is used for selfish gains. I simply believe that God is love. Nicely written.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the treatment of the sage critique. I and my neighbour had been just preparing to do some review close to this one. We got a seize a soft-cover from our peculiar library, but i handle I discovered additional from this toss up. I'm unreservedly overjoyed to view such wonderful facts becoming shared hindrance available.

Lakshmi Rajan said...

God might be true. God might not be. But if the believers or unbelievers just mind the spirituality/or lack of the concept within themselves and not provoke others, world would be a better place.

hemal said...

God is ultimate... its upto us to believe in him...

Nalini Hebbar said...

Belief in God is one aspect I would not like to argue is so very personal, but I can argue on and on about the wrongs done in his name...His name is the most misused weapon on Earth...a deadliest weapon because people are scared to oppose...the skeptics sit on the fence scared not to believe and unable to fully believe...and the misuse of His name may well be the reason they doubt His presence.

Chapters From My Life said...

I think God is a blogger.. LOL. That has not done rounds so far.
It has a funny touch but when you think about all the horror committed in his name, it is really very sad situation.

Devika Jyothi said...

haha! I LOVED Farila's comment :)

i think we often mix religion with God and get confused...And Religion is the opium of the masses, as Marx put it, that many political parties have definitely used to their benefit ...since long in India and elsewhere

But, God, i believe is beyond the limits of religious percepts -- and beyond any debate...

And Yes, Nalini... the poem has a funny touch to it, despite the serious issue tackled :)


Nalini Hebbar said...

@ Farila and Devika...really He should blog to clear his misused name and also doubts about his whereabouts!!! LOL