Friday, September 17, 2010

Your Mind Can Take You There

Energy never dies, only transforms.
Are we able to perceive energy around us other than what we have within us? Most people don’t, but those how do can discover entire new worlds, realities and parallel universes! The ancient sages up there in the Himalayas have achieved it with the help of heightened consciousness that connects one with ones natural psychic power to transcend time and space, explore the past, access the future, and view remote events or places in the present. That’s mind travel for you. Possible? Maybe. I wouldn’t know but it seems to be a wonderful relaxation tool when boredom brings your life to grinding halt.
Come, sit, fasten your seat-belt and read with me. Slip into my poem and travel my mind’s journey.

Out here in the big city
Through the litwindows I see
People busy about their homes
Finishing up for the day.

People busy living lives
Monotonously sore
Caught too in this snare
Mine no better than theirs.

My heart flies off
To far distant lands
To the deepest blue oceans
Where no one ever wanders.

Picture myself in a valley
The Valley of Flowers
Lie down among the purple
And look up at puffyclouds.

Spreading beauty and perfumes
Dazzling with intense colours
Flowers have short lives
And mine so painfully long.

Then I am on the ocean
Rocked gently by the swell
Above the orangeskies open
Till the stars begin to parade.

I feel the depth and vastness
Silvermoonlight’s silky caress
Whales and plankton under me
I too swim wild and free.

I leave for the snowy mountains
Its chillness holds me close
Smell of pine trees and freshness
I fill up with warm happiness.

Sound of tweeting birds
Butterflies flirting by
Dwarfed by the mountains
In unison with nature, I merge.

Jolted back to the city
I let my head hit the pillow
Got to catch some shut-eye
Or else be lost tomorrow.

Morning rush is maddening
Breakfast on the table
Got to hustle to the office
Before the boss gets there.

© Nalini Hebbar/saycheese/2009-all rights reserved
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Nanka said...

Such contrasting pictures and I can so very well identify with the city life.The nature parts are very soothing and tranquil. Love the way you describe it.

magiceye said...


Dr. Pratibha Singh said...

Beautiful words with deep meaning in it.Simply great Mam.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful poem.

Christine said...

Such wonderful imagery that made me also wish to escape city life; I liked how it turned (sadly) at the end back to everyday city life and commitments.