Tuesday, August 3, 2010

“Why Me, Why To That Saucer?”

I wrote this after watching the serial 'Taken'. I was totally taken by the idea. Are people really taken or are they just imagining things?  
Researchers say that it is a sleep disorder in which the person experiences a constriction of the chest with difficulty in breathing. The resultant reduction in oxygen intake makes the brain all foggy. The person then 'sees' a shadowy presence pressing down on his chest. With this kicks starts the hallucinations of aliens and abductions - all built up on stories read and movies watched. This explains why it is more prevalent in educated people who have read sci-fic and are into bio-energetic therapies, past lives, astral projections, tarot cards and so on.
Or are we just fools who believe only what we see? There are aliens, Stephan Hawkins says so! and obviously they don't just show themselves to us- except in sleep!...and I imagine them reading this poem and rolling in the air laughing!!!

I woke up feeling
My life, my room, my bed
“I don’t!”
My neck, my body, my mind
“Belonged to someone else...they!”

I drag this broken borrowed body
Towards the bathroom, wounded
“Who was in my room last night?”
A flash, a white flash, colours flashed
Against the white, images formed
“Ghost with slant eyes, hollowed”

Yes, seven of them, crowded
On my chest and around my bed.
“What’s that, that so oppressed?”
Through the wall, into the tunnel
Bright light, blinding, hurting
“Just where are they taking me?”
Floating over stream, hill, forest
Ghost hoods flapping, cape blowing
“Why do they hold my hands tight?”

Sudden fear gripping, paralyzing
“Why me, why to that saucer?”
Lights, red yellow purple, flashing
On the meadow, stands the ship
Doorflap open, cavernous sickening.

Head-in-vice, eyes open, clamped limbs
Toadfingers dipped into my brains
Poked rapidheart, checked my dinner.
“What are they doing to me? What!!”
Probes in, probing, hurting my insides
“Take those eggs, take them please!!”
Mechanical claws search, tear, tease.
“Don’t hurt me, take but don’t hurt me!”
Then appear before me...hybrid aliens!
Slim long-necked beautiful females
“Those are men? Those Greek Gods!!”

I, robust superior, I the chosen one
An assault of body, mind and soul?
Painful story but a chilling proud one
“Me!...Abducted by aliens!!”

Swollen ego, story begs to be told,
Yet fearful apprehensive assaulted,
The verdict as final, pronounced
“Hallucination of semi-lucid minds
Visual and auditory hallucinations
Brain and body desynchronizes”

Sleep Paralysis is what it’s called”

“You are kidding, aren’t you?
They were there, they took me!”

The doctor looked sadly at me
‘They are false, created memories,
Product of fertile imaginations
From the depths the subconscious.
False memory syndrome it is called”

© Nalini Hebbar/openmind/2009 - all rights reserved
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Anonymous said...

The way you explained. Bit scary dont you think.. dipping fingers into brain phew... Not even in my dreams please. And it seems you have colorful dreams :)

Rajlakshmi said...

thats beautifully narrated... it would be scary if such things really happen :)

Rajendra Raikwar said...

Good one