Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tears Must Flow

Life goes on in this universe where life is meant to just go on. Tears and laughter flow just like everything else in it. Nothing is lost and nothing gained. They say time heals everything but when time too is just a man-made illusion, what is hurt and what is healed...that too is just an illusion. What is 'past' can't hurt you in the present. The 'present' is not matter that can be taken into the future. Life is what is happening to you at this point of time...there is no 'before and after'.

Blurred images swim outside my window.
A mirage in green hues shivered.
Flowers look strangely like
the flame-of-the-forest
leaping licking
the vacuum above.
Birds swim past as wet
blobs, why do they look like
fish-out-of-water, lost and mangled.
Square then rhombus now swims my window.

I let them flow, burning tears without a swallow.
Lest those hot tears reach my heart,
which, underwater already
swims, weary valves
beating thrashing,
it’s grave, red-waters.
Taking a breath too scary,
Lest tears reach my brain in big haste.
Lacing salt on those hurting, fresh & old sorrow.

The flow charts its course as the dam bursts.
I let it flow till it dries, on my cheek
and on my lap, on fire were
the red-orange flowers
pretty, shiny
on bare-twiggy branches.
Very chirpy the birds were.
Sun shines bright, his warmth I seek.
Will sit there till birds, go back to their nests.

© Nalini Hebbar/openmind/2009 - all rights reserved
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Parth J Dave said...

Extremely heart-rendering poem!

smiling soul said...

wow!! what a soulful lines...