Saturday, July 31, 2010

Silent Spectator

I wrote this poem the day I heard we had a deal we just couldn't ignore, for our first property that we had put our heart and soul into building. Just the thought of someone else living in the house, which knew us so intimately, was unsettling. These walls have see it all, lived with us steadfast, through think and thin, through joy and sorrow. They were a part of the family, in fact not even the children knew as much as they did.

These walls reach out to remind me
Of the good times and the bad.
They have heard the laughter,
The triumphant hoots, the envious chuckles.
These walls have seen the tears
Of the sense of loss and the joy of gain.

They have gasped and cheered
When the bubbly champagne
Splashed across their shiny faces.
A little sauce, a little cream
A little of that spicy hot curry
The party times, the home comings
The welcome guests with joyous kids.

They have cringed in pain
When in anger, saucepans flew
To mar and maim deep inside.
The putty and the wall paint
Will never erase those scars
The memories of deafening silence
That hurt more than the inflicted wound.

They have heard the soft whispers
Of thoughts, unsaid, suppressed
Purblinded by the stampede of emotions
Trampled by the surging egos.

A clean slate awaits me
A new house with new walls
Memories folded and packed
Ready, exited and expectant.

Soon someone else will stare at it
Lost in thoughts of joy or sorrow.
It will be theirs to amuse or abuse
A mute spectator of the game called life.

© Nalini Hebbar/openmind/2009 - all rights reserved
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Anonymous said...

From the walls' perpective. And yes, walls do have ears, and eyes, but has no way to express itself. A nice read.

magiceye said...

expressed so beautifully the roots that we grow with the ambiance...

Parth J Dave said...

What an amazing poem, Nalini!
Am sorry, am unable to read all your poetry to a tight schedule, but I believe all your work is just extra-ordinary.

By the way, I loved the last line of this poem - 'A mute spectator of the game called life.'


Rajlakshmi said...

a very different write ... the view from wall's perpective is beautifully written ...