Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chinese Whisper - Haiku 123

Homophonic translations have always interested me...a haiku about it and a wonderful party game called Chinese Whisper

In the essay, Sylvia Wright described how, as a young girl, she misheard the final line of the first stanza from the 17th-century ballad "The Bonny Earl O'Moray." She wrote:
When I was a child, my mother used to read aloud to me from Percy's Reliques, and one of my favorite poems began, as I remember:
Ye Highlands and ye Lowlands,
Oh, where hae ye been?
They hae slain the Earl O' Moray,
And Lady Mondegreen.
The actual fourth line is "And laid him on the green". Wright explained the need for a new term: "The point about what I shall hereafter call mondegreens, since no one else has thought up a word for them, is that they are better than the original." Source

Lady Mondegreen
at the end of every circle-
Chinese whispers

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Chandni (Chanz) said...

You have got imagination Nalini.. don't let it go waste..