Thursday, April 8, 2010


A poems for your children and the child in you....let your imagination go wild...get into the mood and enjoy fantasy through my eyes!
I have played with words in this poem...I had fun writing it...hope you enjoy it too.
Dreamsoldfair...could be 'dream sold fair' or 'dreams old fair'
Dreamstrapit...dream strap it...dreams trap pit
Dreamslitold...dream slit old...dreams lit old

I heard the lucid laughter slice the air
The hurly-burly gaiety of Dreamsoldfair
In knickerbockers and belled droopcaps
Prancing around were pixie gnomes.
I spy a fairy and wonder why they hide
Bluebell over toadstones dangle
Where screampies were hawked.
I hop onto the path of purple cobble
Looking at wares put up for sale
Dreamsnapup the first shop to stop
A pouch of golden magic powder
To add some pop to my snappy nap
Steering clear from the jar that holds
The nasty brown snap up chowder.

Next I step into lively Dreamstrapit
To buy one dozen braided leather straps
Need to tie down troublesome dreams
Which annoy with their slippery tricks
Avoid I have to those cruel traps
In snarey pits they trap cute dreams.

I really love the next stop I make
At bright sunny shop Dreamoodare
Discs of luminous moods to take
For the daring dreams I love to dream
Canned doom air I refuse to breath
Sold in jars corked down safe.
I chance upon old dingy Dreamslitold
Had some old dreams that need be sold
Here they are mercilessly slit, I am told
I plan to trade them for some new-lit ones.

Appeared before me a man behind the counter
With a long chin with a curly pigtail beard
His eyes bore into mine, searching
I think he sees those secret dreams sleeping
Hey! Old devil! ! What are you doing?
I panic to see the words and papers
Stream out through my eyes and my mouth
Into a dark hole on the ceiling
I quickly draw my bow and arrow
Plan to nail the old man to his shadow
Then suddenly a wave of understanding hits
Held pointed my uncapped pen to the hole
And down come the words streaming back
Into my pen, safe and sound.

Later when I sat down to write on paper
Each letter each word a different colour
Each line each stanza a different flavour.
I think I caught some other’s dreams too
Enriching my poems with dreams new
Hush! Let me silently thank the evil old man.

© Nalini Hebbar/openmind/2009 - all rights reserved
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Tulika said...

Amazing wordplay!


Loved it.

Hitesh Rawat said...

it was a beautiful journey.....i wonder am i getting smarter that i understand your level of poems writing ....or you getting down and writing poems for people at my level ????

it reminded me of Alice....following the fairy.....into the dreamland.....

tie down the those....nightmares ....that will easily be on the list....
and does that piggytailed beard man took all your words...??? is that your nightmare....??????/

Vinita Apte said...

Sounded so mythical and harry potterish...Nalini you are really getting so good....

You need to publish a poetry book :)

Nalini Hebbar said...

@Hitesh...Yes, you are right...thanks

@Lpine...will think about publishing ...self publishing is something I don't want to do!

Thanks Tulika

Unknown said...

Yours is the only poetry blog I DIG! you just SO know how to keep things exciting! LOVED it!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Agree with Lazy pineapple,you need to publish a poetry book!

Rohan said...

You know, it felt like an eye exam reading almost same words with different meanings.

Loved it, the words were so brilliantly matched and everything seems like so mature in its meaning.

Truely amazing :)

Chapters From My Life said...

I have been reading your poems but today was the day when I checked your profile and I really find you very amazing person..
BTW this is wonderful poem from you as usual...

Nalini Hebbar said...

@ Farida and Rohan...I am very happy you enjoyed this poem...coz I had a blast writing it.

Rajendra Raikwar said...

Very Nice