Saturday, April 10, 2010

Award for Me... and from me to you

Award by Chanz

There are rules

1. Thank the person who gave it to you.
2. Copy the award and put it on your Blog.
3. List 3 things you love about yourself
4. Post a picture you love (e.g. a person you adore etc.)
5. Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to

Thanks Chandini Jain, for the 'Cherry on top award'...sweet of you to think of me!

Now comes the toughest part...3 things I love about myself...only three out of all the 300?...hey just kidding!

After some cathartic... soul searching... tongue tied... stammering... stumbling... silence... AAAHHH... here goes...

1. A good listener who people love to talk to. I am non-judgmental and am very quickly able to see both sides of an issue. Very neutral and love to talk people into meeting halfway. 

2. I believe mistakes are there to be made. I don't blame people nor myself for the mistakes made. It takes courage to study them and move on.

3. By the age of 10, we encouraged our kids to study by themselves and learn to be independent. This has paid off. I put this in my list because it was tough to wean them away from dependence yet maintain a fostering relationship with them.  Both my children have chosen 'out of the box' careers and are very confidant and sure of what they are. 

My first son is a Marine Eng. who will work (see the world!) for 10 years and then settle down to look after our agri +animal farm which is his first love. 
The second son is the AP State Under 14 Cricket Captain and also in the Under 16 State team...studies are not his priority...and we have not forced him to...a very very very difficult decision to make because all we see around us are IIT courses and entrance exams.

This award first goes out to those who gave me awards in the past

Hitesh Rawat
Prateek Shujanya

and then to my regular readers

Mr. Pramathesh™ Borkotoky
Parth J Dave
Lazy Pineapple
Lakshmi Rajan

With due apologies for not having done so the first time around, I wish to include 1 wonderful informative blog
And also Journomuse whose blog the Word Sketches has some wonderful wonderful writing.

A picture I love...'the 3 men in my life'


Chandni (Chanz) said...

I love the secind and the third points...

I am sure that make you a proud mommy...???

Unknown said...

AWW,this is EPIC! thank you! :)Only three?!Aww,no fair :)

Hitesh Rawat said...

congrats for the award and thanks for passing it to me......ooooo u have a cricketer brought up in a days everybody wants their son to play cricket then eventually to represent India....and the popularity of cricket is now also giving the parents the confidence to let their child pursue cricket......
loved the pics....all the loved one in the same pic

i'll put the entry on my blog soon

Mohan said...

Congratulations to everyone! Nice to know about your family a little bit more! All the best for everyone in whatever they are intending to excel in :)

Good going Nalili. All the best to you too!

wanderer said...

I still cant figure out the problem :(
this is strange. i am not getting comments on my page too.
dont know how to fix it either....

troubled wanderer

Chapters From My Life said...

Congratulations for winning the award and thanks for giving one to me...
I am so glad that you had patience and sense not to force your kid to do something which is always done... The men in your life are lucky to have you as the woman in their life.

Prateek said...

thnkoo ..thankoo! My I'm so excited!

Journomuse said...

The Third point was indeed applaudable. I'm sure it takes a lot of guts and determination not to succumb to the lure of peer parent pressures and force your children into doing things they rather not do. I was blessed to have parents like you, who despite my teachers constant coaxing to go the medicine/engg path allowed me to turn a happy deserter post my 12th std and take up English and journalism...

Guess some children like your sons and I got lucky....Cheers

Parth J Dave said...

Congratulations for the award, Nalini!

I am really glad that you encouraged your children to choose a career out of their own choice and interest. You are surely improving India by starting from your own family. Very commendable!

Also, thank you for passing me this award. It is a special moment, since this is my first ever award from a fellow blogger. Thank You so much, Nalini!

Vinita Apte said...

congratulations for the award and thanks a lot for passing it onto me :)

I really liked the points you have put here...especially the 3rd one. Would like to shake your hand for being such a wonderful parent to your sons. It is indeed so difficult to be different in this world of cut throat competition.

Hope your computer gets repaired fast and you are back to blogging soon...

Prateek said...

Maybe u didn't notice but i've already put it up on my blog. And about your diamonds, try pasting the code again, i made a small change :)

You are a lovely mom, of course u know that!

And ..and plz do visit my photoblog

Thankoo once again for the award :)

Tulika said...

Thank you so muchhh...!!!

I'm happieee.. :) :)

Lakshmi Rajan said...

Thanks you so much for the award, It is always a wonderful feeling that our words stayed in minds of someone who thought of us while passing the award :)

Nice to know a little about you and your family :) I share the same thought you said about raising the children ... (though my little one is too little now :D)

Rohan said... did i not see this..THANKS A TON for the award !!I never thought my random rambling could impress someone :P

Taankkkkkkk you !!!

Rajendra Raikwar said...

I will surely come back For more.