Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Death has no Future

This poem was written after the Copenhagen talks failed. The debates and the comments were an eye-opener. They told me that nothing is going to change as the rich nations will never let go the advantage history has bestowed on them. The poorer nations, however hoarse their collective voices become, will not get their due. In the bargain, environment is the ultimate looser. Mother earth has been blatantly betrayed.


The haggling goes on unabated.
Their posturing, a pain in the neck.
They fooling us with their chinwag
As they discuss our common future.

Are we being pointlessly towed
From Kyoto to Copenhagen
To witness the power struggle
Between the rich and the poor?

“Warmth in winter,
Wintry in summer,
Who questions this birthright?”

“Meat for the masses
Grain for the cattle,
Hungry? Curse history!”

“Don’t develop so fast-
You have no right to do that!
We’ll give you what’s left,
Have you no patience?”

“Pay for your sins!”
“Will 400 do?
Cut the emissions!
And then, we will pay you 10!”

“Sacrifice! Be Austere!
What goes up has to come down,
That is Mother Nature’s secret
Well exploited for progress.”

“Out of the way, old nations
Your creaking knees no match
To the surging youth of the young.
Make way, feign thence abnegator.”

2012 is true; I feel it in my bones,
The sizzling and the heaving,
The melting and the drowning,
Our future orchestrated by us.

Frightening, unnerving, rebarbative
I am ready, I have changed to CFL
I eat less, burn less, gone organic.
Anyway! Death doesn’t scare me
Since it has no future.

© Nalini Hebbar/openmind/2009 - all rights reserved
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Rajesh said...

Wonderful poem, beautifully depicts the concerns on the environment damages.

Chapters From My Life said...

Beautifully written poem.. what we need is more powerful people with concerns like this. I hope the greedy rich see where they are leading mankind....

Rachana said...

beautifully penned Nalini! keep writing. Many congrats!

Parth J Dave said...

Great writing, Nalini, once again.

I just realized that your poems give out a better effect when read aloud! :)

Vinita Apte said...

Wonderful poem speaking the truth. The richer countries have more carbon emissions and still want India to have sanctions. This is so hypocritical. They raped the earth when they wanted progress and now behave as saints.

Karan Agrawal said...

This is the law of nature...richer becomes richer, poorer remain poorer... Death only happens when we are ready to embrace it!

Anonymous said...

Naliniji,I don't understand when the people on this beautiful earth will wake up and think all about it. I am sure when they will, it will be too late.

Prashant Mehta said...

Brilliant. Simply Brilliant.

The hegemony of the super-power and the we-carve-our-future ethos - both sides are very well captured. Amazing!

bollywoodstylediaries said...

wow - u said it soo beautifully!!