Saturday, March 13, 2010

Baffled I Ask


Baffled I Ask

Heaven too is caught up in political conflict
Devas and Asuras ever combating for power
Do Angels and Apsaras save us from troubles?
Lucifer just there maybe to haunt a nightmare
Are we hung by strings controlled like puppets?

Are these stories to help us realize the reality?
Good and bad virtues both we in plenty possess
Some use the bad to live luxuriously happily!
Lucky few use the good to live life in coziness
Those who don’t understand are the unlucky!!

No sins no punishments no devils no hells
We have in plenty human power-seekers
They are the evil devils that roam the streets
Out in the open broad daylight all squeezers
Of poor hungry stomachs & empty pockets.

Goodness, I admit, angelically good its sound
But it never won battles to bring in the slaves
It never found lands to plunder to feed greed
Slaves, treasures, land, power all need slays
Of innocent lives in bloodied murders cold.

History has seen the worst coldbloodedness
Where sins found pardon in houses of worship.
The rich wash sins in the holy Ganga waters
To relive lives of wielding the wicked whip
Even the good turn bad to protect dear assets.

If we believe only good is good, we are fools!
The rich only get richer as their bad gets nasty!
Their sins as confessions can fill big temples!
Money they spend on pets can feed a country!
Lucifer, Asura, even hell would get the shivers!

Power makes countries rich & some deprived
Does God protect the rich and damn the poor
While Satan silently enjoys the game played?
If bad make the rich and good make the poor
What is good and what is bad? I ask baffled

(24th July, 2006, Nellore)

© Nalini Hebbar/openmind/2009 - all rights reserved
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♥ Braja said...

Yes....what's that saying? "Truth is mighty and will prevail. There is nothing wrong with this, except that it ain't so." Mark Twain....

Shri Ram Ayyangar said...

In reality, good is BAD and bad is GOOD! Therefore it is confusing whether to be good or bad in this world.I fully endorse your thoughts.

Chandni (Chanz) said...

I really love it... your posts remind me of all the poets that I have heard about since the time I came to understand what it means.. are incredible.. Apart from the thoughts, I love your rhyming abilities.. It is just too good..

Vinita Apte said...

wow a powerful thought this is. The eternal fight to understand the good and the bad. Its a fight we all have inside us when we see injustice.

Makes you want to jump the 'Good' ship and run over to the other side.

I believe that if you do something and after that you can look in the mirror into your own eyes and you are at peace then its all that matters. Our instincts and inner voice do guide us. But many people just don't want to listen to it.

Saras said...

Nalini, you have broached a very sensitive question! It is not that easy to identify what is good or what is bad. One cannot justify bad by pointing to the gains made by a bad person. It is far deeper than that.

Nalini Hebbar said...

@ Saras...I would define bad as something that brings unwarranted gains to one, by snatching what rightfully belongs to many.

@LPine...ethics is a very tricky entity...Necessity can twist ethics beyond recognition.

@Ayyangar, Braja and Chanz
Thanks for the read and comments

A topic we can all discuss till eternity and never never come to any conclusion...