Sunday, March 7, 2010


The muscles are tense
And the fist closes,
The breathing audible
And the heart races,
The blood pumps fast
As intense energy bursts,
Blood flows into the limbs
And all senses are alert,
Locked on target
The attention focuses,
As the body prepares
For the impending fight.

Two almond shaped centres
Amygdala of the brain,
Reacts before the cortex
Can even reason it out,
Wired in our brains
To react before we think,
Burst of secretions
Of hormones and chemicals,
Kick-starts an action
Of evasive self-protection,
Sets off a reaction
Of being aroused in anger.

Anger is a response
To an emotional hurt,
It is the response to a pain
Of rejection or threat,
Pain is an emotion
That depletes and drains,
But anger has the power
To stimulate and revive,
Transforming the reaction
Of pain into anger,
Is but an innate technique
Of self-preservation.

In anger you hit out
At people who cause harm,
The focus now shifts
From self to the ‘other’,
It provides you a distraction
From a feeling of helplessness,
It fluffs you into feeling
Morally superior and righteous,
You now feel in control
In charge of the situation,
For it protects you temporarily,
From facing the reality of your pain.

The real reason for pain
Is actually within you,
You are only as vulnerable
As you allow yourself to be,
No one can emotionally hurt you
Unless you open yourself to it,
Little tiffs in life
Really don’t matter,
Let us save our anger for
Larger global issues,
That affects the earth
And her poorest of poor.

(26th August 2006, Nellore)
© Nalini Hebbar/openmind/2009 - all rights reserved
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Shri Ram Ayyangar said...

Very Nice and you have defined 'Anger' in a very simple & poetic way.

Parth J Dave said...

Wonderful poem, yet again!

This time, your choice of words was even more profound as I could actually visualize 'Anger' while reading...

I specially liked the last 2 lines of the poem -
Let us save our anger for
Larger global issues,
That affects the earth
And her poorest of poor.


BROKEN STAR (bck agn) said...


Tarun Mitra said...

Anger is ma energy
don't give a damn to global mockery
In wars of everyday
in blood i pay
the pain i get
i have to soon forget
as the emotions drain
Anger is my energy

Nalini Hebbar said...

thanks guys...anger is a very heady emotion that makes you regret the aftermath...but how many of us really try to rein it in!

R. Ramesh said...

simply brilliant..NH