Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Grow Old Together

Everyday life is almost similar in style
The hectic hours of the morning rush
The project work and the exam times
Worn out thin with nervous strain
Work and home are a delicate balance
No time to think of the wants of self

Midlife is difficult in a woman’s life
Children leave home seeking own
Days stretch to unbearable lengths
Loads of time with not much to do
Seeking a meaning to this phase in life
Too much time to think the thoughts

Woman she finds fresh energy
New interests outside her sphere
Things she sought but never did
Spare time and money to well utilize
Revamps her life with new direction
Finds a busy life she so wanted to live

Man he is fatigued with career tugs
Work and money was top on the list
No time for wife or life at large
Midlife brings him to a grinding halt
Stifled and in want of family warmth
Turns homeward to find no one about

A trying time for the man and the wife
As they in life seem drifting far apart
Realize they need their aims and goals
Space and freedom to mature and grow
Fight with time to find common grounds
To work the bond back to a fulfilling one

But wait they have to till older they get
When life slows down to an easier pace
For work and career to lose its shine
When interests explored to the fullest
Just sticking together gains importance
As a safe future now within their reach

A complete life with children and career
Fond memories to cherish and to share
Growing old in comfort and in warmth
Love and affection one feels for the other
Old age with its many aches and illness
Draw them together eager and closer

(30th May, 2006, Nellore)

© Nalini Hebbar/openmind/2009 - all rights reserved
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Tarun Mitra said...

Circle of life...lovely indeed...the fact that I like about this one is that it is written with an ease..

thoughtful delights :-) said...

Reflections of the Life of a Family beautifully Expressed.....

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