Monday, February 8, 2010

Give and Take

ravensburger animals in africa
Huddled the kin of the jungle clan;
shrieks emerge from the forest dark,
lost in the din of the thunders clap,
lightning strikes an old fallen bark.

Great cloud slacken to free its cache,
the downpour worsens by the hour,
till friend and foe on high green sash;
tempers rise and the air turns sour.

Hackles raised but struck real dumb;
Prey predator caught in a maze,
one wrong move and their end would come,
through deluge they stood in a daze.

Callow rabbit, callous leopard,
paw to paw whiskers entangling;
Accommodation, the key word,
with smile and wink masquerading.

Mankind fights for space and matter,
one move wrong is war inviting.
Tongues in reins forced to muster
give and take negotiating.

Culture, religion, race, colour,
Small world makes small issues explode,
But variety gives life flavour,
A piquant palette to explore

July 2009


Rashmi Singh said...

very well written naliini!keep the gud work!

Tarun Mitra said...

Beautiful composition..comparing the two jungles...

But variety gives life flavour,
A piquant palette to explore

Nalini Hebbar said...

thanks guys...hope you will keep visiting

Unknown said...

lovely poem ! you have talent :-)
i am a regular visitor and just followed you !

I am a fashion journalist and think that you should follow me , too- !
Thank you for exchanging links :)

Iniyaal said...

Very beautiful.. I got myself lost completely while reading it. One of the best works of yours I have read in this blog so far :)