Tuesday, February 2, 2010

For the Rain to Fall


The winding road lined with mango trees,
ripe yellow mangoes swing with the breeze
blowing from the village, with it bringing
the smell of the delicious lunch waiting.
The children in their best clothes run past
to the stage set up in the temple square.
The drums pickup tempo as the time’s near
for the wedding to start at the auspicious time.
Their excited screams ring loud and clear
over the piercing sound of the shehanai.

The bride and groom now in the square
smeared with turmeric and vermilion.
Dressed in bright silk with gold weaved in
beautiful necklaces adorn their necks.
What a handsome couple chosen are they
to grace this important day in the village.
The temple priest with bell in hand
chant the Vedic-verses that vibrate the air.
Now its time to send off the couple glad
on their honeymoon at the strike of noon.

The crowd moves on to the banks of the pond
and three women release the frogs two
into cool waters that waits to celebrate
the union of today’s important couple.
All eyes look up at the sky above
the delayed monsoon that spells doom.
This wedding an offer to the rain gods
a symbolic plea, a bribe if you may
anything for the skies to bring the rain
to fill up water in their pond of life.

Venue: Chhindwada, Madhya Pradesh, India

© Nalini Hebbar/openmind/2009  - all rights reserved. 


magiceye said...


Madhu | said...

Beautiful Nalini Ji

vamsi said...

awesum poetry..great creativity in describing our Indian Pelli Sampradayam..nice work..:)

Nanka said...

Lovely poem and the write describing the poem too was very interesting :) India the land of endless possibilities, myths, customs and traditions. This made me smile too :)

dr.antony said...

There are some very prominent features that bind all Indians to the brand 'Hindustani'. These traditions range from the "aarti" done to welcome the guests to touching the feet of the elders.I love these two,and that is why I mentioned them. The cultural traditions of India have been passed on from generation to generation and have become deeply rooted in the Indian way of living.Most of them have been left behind by the so many diverse rulers who occupied and ruled us.With the vast influences that India has enjoyed comes its natural diversity. With this diversity comes a natural ability to adapt to and accept all cultures and religions.
Times have changed.Many traditions are no longer respected.
I enjoyed the frog wedding story.A wonderful idea for a cartoon movie!

Pratish said...


zephyr said...

Lovely rain, beautiful poem. Some of the customs are truly outlandish and exasperating, but luckily many have either been abandoned or modified to suit the times. But I do believe that customs and traditions define a people. What do you think?

Nalini Hebbar said...

Sure Zephyr, customs do define a people...India changes readily becoz we are used to adapting to cultural invasions...we end up with a new brand of culture!
Like the drinking tea from the saucer British can that be!...looked down today as uncultured!...strange how things change with time.

Sapna Dhyani said...

Wow! What a revelation in the last few lines! An engrossing read from the very start.