Sunday, January 10, 2010



I heard the lucid laughter slice the air
The hurly-burly gaiety of Dreamsoldfair
In knickerbockers and belled droopcaps
Prancing around were pixie gnomes.

I spy a fairy and wonder why they hide
Bluebell over toadstones dangle
Where screampies were hawked.
I hop onto the path of purple cobble
Looking at wares put up for sale
Dreamsnapup the first shop to stop
A pouch of golden magic powder
To add some pop to my snappy nap
Steering clear from the jar that holds
The nasty brown snap up chowder.
Next I step into lively Dreamstrapit
To buy one dozen braided leather straps
Need to tie down troublesome dreams
Which annoy with their slippery tricks
Avoid I have to those cruel traps
In snarey pits they trap cute dreams.

I really love the next stop I make
At bright sunny shop Dreamoodare
Discs of luminous moods to take
For the daring dreams I love to dream
Canned doom air I refuse to breath
Sold in jars corked down safe.

I chance upon old dingy Dreamslitold
Had some old dreams that need be sold
Here they are mercilessly slit, I am told
I plan to trade them for some new-lit ones.

Appeared before me a man behind the counter
With a long chin with a curly pigtail beard
His eyes bore into mine, searching
I think he sees those secret dreams sleeping
Hey! Old devil! ! What are you doing?

I panic to see the words and papers
Stream out through my eyes and my mouth
Into a dark hole on the ceiling
I quickly draw my bow and arrow
Plan to nail the old man to his shadow
Then suddenly a wave of understanding hits
Held pointed my uncapped pen to the hole
And down come the words streaming back
Into my pen, safe and sound.

Later when I sat down to write on paper
Each letter each word a different colour
Each line each stanza a different flavour.
I think I caught some other’s dreams too
Enriching my poems with dreams new
Hush! Let me silently thank the evil old man.

(June, 2006, Nellore)

                             © Nalini Hebbar/openmind/2009 
                                     - all rights reserved. 


VeeKay said...

Superb poetry it thrice to catch the pulse..excellent vocabulary..nice post..:)

Saras said...

Excellent poetic skill! Dexterous manipulation of words beautifully woven.

Nalini Hebbar said...

This is a poem I really enjoyed writing...went back to the time of bedtime stories, Grimm's fairy tales and Alice in wonderland...thanks for enjoying my fantasy.