Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Design Of Life

broken heart

Did you hear that silent flutter, louder than thunder?
Breaking heart?
Or is it a cupid’s arrow?
Tears would fall?
Or is laughter the call?
Know not till the eyes, tells it all.

Did you feel that flowing river, faster than time?
Torturing thoughts?
Or is it blissful love?
Gnawing the soul?
Or is it a happy wedlock?
Know not till the laughter, tells it all.

Did you see that lazy mountain, slower than slumber?
A sorrowful life?
Or is it content times?
A forgotten story?
Or is it a well-mourned one?
Know not till ultimate death, tells it all.

(14th May, 2006, Nellore)
© Nalini Hebbar/openmind/2009 - all rights reserved.


Saras said...

Good narrative style and rich content. Nice poem.

Nalini Hebbar said...

Thanks made my day!

Jayanta Deka said...

Broken heart....
Well frankly speaking, poetry doesn't much impress me.. but again I am none like untouched by good verses...
A very touchy one... Really poems are great when it lets one to feel the verses... it shld touch ur heart... and this poem did so...
well written...

Nalini Hebbar said...

do keep reading...maybe you will get addicted to poetry some day...:)

Anonymous said...

Life's designs are always unpredictable aren't they?

Nalini Hebbar said...

@sowmya...very unpredictable...thanks for the comment